Kate | North Carolina Museum of Art

If you've never been to the park at the North Carolina Museum of Art, seven o'clock on a Saturday morning in June is a pretty damn good time to go. The weather is hot (but not overwhelmingly so), there's always a handful of dogs and kids running around the trails, and don't get me started on the beautiful light.

So when Kate of Yogaleate asked me to shoot some pictures for her website and suggested we check out the art museum park, I was pumped. Check out some favorites from our session below!


For me, this summer is all about growth, change and exploration. I'm trying new things (like rock climbing), taking on new responsibilities (such as an internship at UNC hospital), and spending a lot of time figuring out who I am as an individual and how I can best cultivate my passions and talents. 

So after all that soul-searching, I decided that I obviously needed a new picture of myself for my website to replace the years-old grainy selfie of me and my dog. 

When my friend and fellow photographer Ryan McDowell agreed to take some for me, we headed to a secret spot outside of Chapel Hill (I was sworn to secrecy regarding the location, but I honestly have no idea where we were anyway). The sun was hot but beautiful, and in between my awkward modeling poses I managed to snap a few pictures. Stay tuned for my new bio picture!

Alia & Ben | UNC Class of 2016

Less than a day until the UNC Class of 2016 will walk across the stage in Kenan Stadium! Until then, enjoy these sweet photos from Alia and Ben's sweet mini-session this past Wednesday at the iconic UNC Bell Tower and Old Well. I had the pleasure of photographing Alia and a group of her girlfriends this morning as well, so be on the lookout for those photos (as soon as I get through all 1,400 of them!) tomorrow during the graduation festivities! 

James | UNC Class of 2016

My second favorite thing about meeting James was that he claimed to just want some simple shots - none of the usual "cheesy" graduation poses - I even had to talk him into the traditional cap-toss photo! But at the end, when we were taking our final shots in the quad, he struck the ultimate finger-gun pose that totally caught me off guard. I guess having to say your goodbyes to a place as wonderful as Carolina brings out the "cheese" in all of us! 

My favorite part about my session with James, however, was definitely the sweet in-between moments I caught between him and his girlfriend Meredith, who won't be graduating until next year, and all of the gorgeous natural light that blessed us on Wednesday. Three cheers for the class of 2016, light, and love! 

Kady | UNC Class of 2016

Let me tell you a little story: in August of 2014, I was a brand-new transfer student at UNC, moving into my dorm, deciding where I was going to put my new shower caddy and microwave and extra set of sheets that I never ending up using. I was scared and needed the guidance of someone older and wiser, someone that would lure me and my roommate to hall meetings with pizza, someone to remind us to put our recycling out... I needed a Resident Advisor. 

And boy, did I hit the jackpot when I got Kady as mine! She was the best mother hen/cool older friend we could've asked for (and didn't even get too mad the time I printed out all of her old Facebook statuses from 2009 and taped them to her door), which is why I was so stoked when she asked me to take her senior portraits.

We had the best time laughing and dancing our way around campus, trying our hand at a champagne pop, and stopping in at her favorite bar. Take a peek at some of my favorites from her session! (And happy birthday, Kady!) 

Lexie & Corey | UNC Class of 2016

I've known Corey and Lexie since I transferred to Chapel Hill last fall, and I am so excited they asked me to do their pictures! I know they weren't too keen on the idea of graduation pictures in the first place, but I think we made it pretty fun. (At the very least, the seven tour groups that walked through our set up at the seal in the quad made it interesting!)

Congrats to both of them, and the fancy real-world jobs they have lined up for after graduation! Cheers to the Class of 2016!  

Caroline & Austin | UNC Class of 2016

I can't believe this was my first complete graduation portrait shoot. Sure, I took a few of sister who is graduating high school, and I'm halfway through a shoot with my friends Holly and Brian (North Carolina weather is complicated), but this one was the real first. And boy, what a first it was!

Caroline and Austin are the most genuinely in love people I've ever met. The way she fixed his cap for him, the way he looked at her, and the way they both looked down at that beautiful engagement ring, I could tell how crazy they were for each other, and so so ready to be done with undergrad and on to married life. I'm so honored to have been a part of this shoot! 

We squeezed in a last minute shoot (thanks to a recommendation from my friend Holly - thanks Holly!) last week, walking around Carroll Hall (home of the UNC School of Media and Journalism), the steps of South Building, and the Bell Tower. We spent a little more time on Friday morning getting the last of our pictures at the Old Well since it was way too crowded the day before. The UNC administration really needs to have an online sign-up portal for graduation pictures so I can stop camping out at prime locations a half hour before sessions are supposed to start!