Kady | UNC Class of 2016

Let me tell you a little story: in August of 2014, I was a brand-new transfer student at UNC, moving into my dorm, deciding where I was going to put my new shower caddy and microwave and extra set of sheets that I never ending up using. I was scared and needed the guidance of someone older and wiser, someone that would lure me and my roommate to hall meetings with pizza, someone to remind us to put our recycling out... I needed a Resident Advisor. 

And boy, did I hit the jackpot when I got Kady as mine! She was the best mother hen/cool older friend we could've asked for (and didn't even get too mad the time I printed out all of her old Facebook statuses from 2009 and taped them to her door), which is why I was so stoked when she asked me to take her senior portraits.

We had the best time laughing and dancing our way around campus, trying our hand at a champagne pop, and stopping in at her favorite bar. Take a peek at some of my favorites from her session! (And happy birthday, Kady!)